Frequently Asked Questions

Nude Beach SignAre you considering taking a clothing optional vacation? Have you wondered why others choose a clothes free vacation resort? If you haven't been to one of these resorts, you might have questions about the resorts, what to expect, and just what type of people you will encounter!

Following are answers to the top questions that people ask about clothing optional, or naturist, vacation resorts.

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Who visits clothing-optional resorts?

Clothing optional resorts - also known as clothes-free or naturist resorts - are visited by every day people like yourself. They can be doctors and lawyers, artists and musicians, teachers, preachers, housewives, and children. In other words, they can be your relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers. You might be surprised at who you find at a clothing optional resort!

Most people who visit are between the ages of 25 and 80, with the majority between 35 and 60. Of these age groups, 95 percent are couples in committed relationships. The remaining 5 percent are singles and children. Of the singles, most are male.


Is nudity required?

If the resort is truly a clothing-optional one, then going nude is an option. These resorts are good for people who are new to the naturist, or nudist, lifestyle. At a clothing-optional resort, there is an area where nudity is allowed and encouraged. It may consist of only a beach or pool, but may even have a restaurant, bar, hot tub, volleyball courts or other amenities. The remainder of the resort requires clothing of some type.

If it is a clothes-free resort, then nudity is required in most areas. These resorts are usually clothes-free throughout, including the restaurants and other public areas. If you are a bit modest, then you might wish to visit a clothing optional resort first.


I've never been to a naturist resort. What should I expect?

Naturist resorts are pretty much the same as textile, or clothed resorts. You will find water and land sports, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and gyms. The only difference is that guests will not be wearing clothing.


What if my body isn't perfect?

People come in all shapes and sizes, and it is no different at a clothing optional resort. Yes, there are a few - and just a very few - people that have the perfect bodies. But most don't.

One of the great things you'll find at a naturist resort is that nudity is an equalizer. Without clothing, you cannot tell the wealth or social status of a person. You'll find that it is much more comfortable not worrying about how you look, because no one is looking at you!


What Are PDAs, and Are They Allowed?

You may have heard that some resorts allow sex on the beach, or other public displays of affection (PDAs). The majority of clothing optional and naturist resorts do not condone PDAs. This is because nudity has nothing to do with sex. At these resorts, the staff will simply ask the offenders to move to their rooms, or ask them to leave the resort.

There are a few resorts - such as Desire Resort & Spa or Hedonism II - where this activity is more apparent. To make certain you are visiting a resort where this isn't an issue, read resort reviews, or get recommendations from your travel agent.


What if I get an erection while looking at all of those nude women?

Believe it or not, it is very unlikely you will experience this. Nudity is not about sex, and you will find after awhile that you do not even notice that neither yourself or others are naked.

However, if you do have this reaction, simply cover yourself with a towel, or turn over on your stomach until it passes.


How can I talk my wife into going to a nude resort?

You cannot talk anyone into going. You might try asking her what she thinks about nudity in general to get an idea of how she feels about this issue. If she's open to the idea, suggest a clothing-optional beach where she'll have time to ease into it. Never pressure anyone to do anything they don't want!


Will you send me nude pictures of yourself?

Would you ask your banker or grocer for nude pictures? We do not send nude pictures of ourselves to anyone. If you are simply wanting to look at naked people, visit one of the sex sites. Nudism does not equal sex.


What types of packages are available?

You may purchase air/land packages, or land-only packages. We do not offer air only.


Can you send me a brochure by mail?

Because of the high cost of printing, many of the resorts no longer supply brochures to travel agents. In addition, brochures do not provide much more than photos. Therefore, we do not mail brochures.